Steve Bannon’s appointment as CEO of President Trump’s campaign, then his chief strategist, and now having a seat on the National Security Council, has been celebrated on the Right. Bannon is interesting because he’s not the typical RINO, fake conservative. He certainly seems like the real deal based on his time as executive chair of Breitbart News, but also by the books that have influenced him. Here’s a selection of some of Bannon’s beloved titles, based on what I could piece together online.

was hitler a socialist - Reichsautobahn

The 2016 U.S. presidential race was a wild ride and a throwback to misunderstood history. When Bernie Sanders was running in the DNC-rigged primary, the Right claimed his brand of Democratic Socialism wasn’t that different from the Socialism of the USSR, North Korea, China, Cuba, Venezuela, and Germany’ National Socialism. On the other side, liberals claimed it was President Donald Trump and his supporters who were Nazis, some even claiming that President Trump was literally Hitler.

the OA ceremonial magic

I finally got around to watching The OA on Netflix—and it’s now one of my favorite shows. The storyline is intriguing and riddled with metaphysical concepts, the acting is solid, and as a mystery/psychological drama it’s engrossing. The ending is ambiguous and ripe for endless speculation. I prefer to think of The OA as all “real,” because as such the show is a near-perfect example of the variety of practices in Ceremonial Magick. 


Click here to read How the Left Abandoned the Environment: Immigration

The biggest grievances on the Left today is climate change. They make documentaries about it, slander anyone who brings up facts against it as a “climate denier” or “science denier,” and it played a large role in the 2016 presidential election. President-elect Donald Trump has repeated that he’ll bring back coal jobs, in part by repealing Obama’s climate change regulations, and has called climate change a hoax.


Guillaume Faye is one of the premiere thinkers in the Nouvelle Droite, but his work has been little known outside his native France. Since the publication of his books in English starting in 2010 he’s made his way into the discourse of the British and American New Right. His works on the Islamic colonization of Europe have been especially prescient. 

AltRight AltLeft

Whether you’re on the radical Right or radical Left, the past two weeks have been a time to celebrate Hillary Clinton’s defeat. After only a few days of Donald Trump’s election, both Mexico and Canada said they were willing to renegotiate NAFTA. President Obama ditched his plans for TPP. Russian President Vladimir Putin and President-Elect Trump spoke by phone about bilateral cooperation in the war against radical Islamic terror and America is no longer in danger of World War III with Russia. Trump called out the lying and biased mainstream media that propped up Hillary Clinton throughout the campaign season.


The big news from a WikiLeaks release this week shows that John Podesta, chairman of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, was invited to a Spirit Cooking dinner at the home of performance artist Marina Abramović. Internet rumors abounded about Satanism, most of them unfounded. But what is Abramović’s connection to the occult? 

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