The Western world is at a crossroads. Increased globalism and cosmopolitanism mean borders are disappearing and traditional ways of life are becoming dreams of the past. The quality of education is declining (in public schools and universities), traditional values are smeared as hate speech, and after more than a thousand years of suppression, the esoteric traditions of the West are being reimagined as New Age muck. 

Aristocrats of the Soul is my addition to the discussion. So far I’ve written on the Traditionalist School of thought, alternative religion, political issues from a New Right perspective, and classic novels with a spiritual message. 

How to Trump SJWsI really admire bloggers who can post every day and I’m trying to carve out more time between my jobs and family to write more frequently. I wrote a book in 2016, available on Kindle, a short read called How to Trump SJWs. It’s a normie’s guide to the oppression and destruction that SJWs are causing to Western civilization and how to use Alinsky’s rules for radicals back against them. I recommend it for Trump-supporting Baby Boomer parents and grandparents who are too hung up on political correctness to recognize the full extent of what’s happening. 

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Manon Welles