Adult Syrian Men Enrolled in Canadian High School: Mainstream Media Ignores Problems

Refugees started arriving in Canada in November 2015, and already problems are occurring.

After being tipped off by a Facebook post made by a parent, TheRebel submitted a freedom of information request to Fredericton High School in New Brunswick for information regarding troubles the school was having integrating Syrian migrants. The response was staggering–more than 2,700 documents.

Some documents obtained by TheRebel are available to view online: Part 1 and Part 2. I assume more will be added as right now only 11 pages are posted on Scribd. So far, the documents are primarily emails between school employees, including the principal.

As school officials have noted, so far things aren’t looking good. Syrian migrant men as old as 22, some with full beards, are being enrolled as students at Fredericton High. It can already be problematic to have 18-year-old boys in school with 14-year-old girls due to differences in size and sexual maturity. Putting men with a totally different culture–one that sees women as less deserving of respect for wearing shorts or a sleeveless shirt–is a recipe for disaster.

The list of problems is long, and this is from only a smattering of documents provided by just one school. The Syrian migrant students have reportedly:

  • Aggressively confronted teachers.
  • Bullied others in the class.
  • Used sexually explicit language in front of female classmates.
  • Repeatedly bullied a Jewish student.
  • Displayed “energy” and “excitement” on the day of the Brussels terrorist attacks.
  • One identified rocket-propelled grenades (RPGs) as a hobby.
  • They’ve tried hitting on 14- to 15-year-old girls, but are being brushed off.
  • Next they started hitting on girls in the year below (I assume aged 13-14) and are having success.
  • The Canadian boys are scared to speak up for fear of being called racist.

That’s Just the Beginning

I looked through all of the documents and learned a few more details:

  • At least one Arabic translator has been brought in to help with certain issues, such as talking to the Syrian men about what behavior is expected of them, and translating for teachers and other students.
  • Physical altercations have occurred between the migrants and local boys.
  • The boy from Israel said he was afraid of them.
  • A school administrator wrote about her hopes to transcend cultural and political scenarios that run deep but said “so far it doesn’t look good.”
  • Administrators are discussing lockdown procedures (it doesn’t say why though).
  • 29 Syrians have been admitted to the school as of April 8, 2016, and more are being added each week.
  • 50 percent of the school’s newcomers are “war-affected” youth.
  • The “newcomers” have been out of school for anywhere from two months to nine years, and there is one with special needs who may never have been to school. Most haven’t been to school in three to four years.
  • The Syrians attending the school “have no English.”
  • The school has worked out a way to allow for prayer time, including mats and gender dividers, but it doesn’t sound like a permanent solution.
  • There have been numerous issues of bullying and intimidation, and younger students are uncomfortable around the newcomers, especially the males.
  • A Canadian student clowned around with a female Syrian student and ended up being assaulted: The Syrian girl was sitting with her back to a window, and the boy was on the other side (back-to-back). He kept moving as she did, so it sounds like fairly typical flirtation or joking around that (Western) boys do. The Syrian girl was upset by this and told the translator, who called the Canadian boy over. He apologized via the translator. Then a group of Syrian students came over to him, and a different female Syrian kicked the boy in the shin. A school administrator wrote she was worried about “retribution” against the Canadian boy in the future, and noted he had never been in trouble before.
  • There is a huge list of requirements for prayers that the school is trying to figure out.
  • Some of the 19- and 20-year-olds have made racist comments to younger students.
  • A school administrator said that discussions about arms (weapons) were “not exactly threat-assessment level, yet.”

So far a Google search only turns up three media outlets that have reported on this: TheRebel (which broke the story), The Daily Caller and Infowars. And this is 24 hours after it was reported by TheRebel so there’s been plenty of time for others to jump on board. (Update on July 2: Right-wing outlets and the Toronto Sun reported on the story yesterday, two days after I did.)

Women on Top: Refugee Crisis Reveals Some Women Aren’t a Good Choice for Serious Offices

It was only back in March this year when Fredericton Mayor Brad Woodside asked Ottawa for a temporary break on the arrival of Syrian refugees.

Federal Immigration Minister John McCallum said it would be no problem, since “There are many other places who really want the refugees.”

If that’s the case, why is Fredericton High reporting that more are being enrolled in the school every week?

Perhaps because right after he asked for the temporary break, provincial cabinet minister Francine Landry held a conference call with Fredericton mayor Woodside and other local mayors. She said “Some misinformation probably was the cause for their concern.” No mention of what the misinformation was though. She noted the province was nearing its target of 1,500 refugees and said: “New Brunswick is a national leader in welcoming refugees who are fleeing a humanitarian crisis in Syria. We are praised by the federal minister of immigration refugees and citizenship.”

Is she doing this for praise? It doesn’t make a good case for women being level-headed and non-emotional when they hold a political office. Doing things because you get praise is what children do. Doing things because it’s what’s best for your people is what real leaders do, no matter how unpopular you might be with a federal minister.

Francine Landry Syrian refuggees Canada

Francine Landry, New Brunswick’s minister of post-secondary education, training and labour

The size of refugees’ families is also interesting to note, since typically that means more benefits and benefits for a longer time. Back in March, Fredericton had 342 refugees from 62 families (average family size of more than 5.5 people). Nearby Saint John had 372 refugees in 81 families (average family size of about 4.6 people). And Moncton had 320 refugees in 68 families (average family size of 4.7 people).

More than 25,000 Syrian refugees were settled in Canada between Nov. 4, 2015, and Feb. 29, 2016. As of late June, a total of 28,640 Syrian refugees have arrived in the country.

Muslim Refugees: We Should Look at Both the Good and Bad

Everyone knows that “not all Muslims are violent, want Sharia law, hate the West, etc.” Living in a large city, I interact with a number of people from the Middle East who came to the States years ago who seem assimilated. One was a man from Iraq who watched people flee their homes in terror with only a few possessions strapped on their backs. He loved President George W. Bush. 

But it’s also the case “not all Muslims love the West, respect Western culture, and want to assimilate.” That’s a point that the Left just won’t admit to, and it’s a huge weakness in any arguments they try to make.

Who can blame them for not respecting the West? If most Westerners were sent to Saudi Arabia, we wouldn’t want to assimilate to their culture. The Leftists sound even crazier than the “they hate us for our freedom” crowd. They seem to think they’ll all love us for our freedom.

The Left won’t come out and disparage any aspect of Muslim culture. But they’re trying to destroy both the traditional culture of any Muslims who come to the West, as well as the traditional Western culture that will have to adapt.

With the situation at Fredericton High School, I worry most about the young girls who come from bad families–maybe broken homes without a dad at home. They’re the ones who may end up going off alone with, or even dating, some of the refugees. If they flirt with them or kiss them, it could be hugely misinterpreted.

For example in Norway, Abdu Osman Kelifa, a Muslim asylum seeker from Africa, said “Men have weaknesses and when they see someone smiling it is difficult to control.” So apparently even smiling at a man can make it difficult for some to control themselves.

“There are lots of men who haven’t learned that women have value,” said Hanne Kristin Rohde, a former head of the violent crime section of the Oslo Police Department. “This is the biggest problem, and it is a cultural problem.”

Finland is now telling Muslim refugees that “eye contact is an act of friendliness, nothing more.” I’ve read that Muslim women in many countries do not smile or make eye contact with the men. It’s seen as a proposition.

Cultural differences like these explain why one study showed rapes committed by immigrants born in the Middle East and Africa were 17 times higher than those by natives from Finland.

MSM Refuses to Report on Problems with Syrian Refugees in Canada

But what is the mainstream media reporting about refugees in Canada? Here’s a partial list of what came up in a Google News search:

And just yesterday it was reported that in Idaho–where three Middle Eastern boys allegedly sexually assaulted a five-year-old–an Obama-appointed U.S. attorney is threatening to investigate and prosecute citizens for “harassing” politicians about their displeasure about the refugees.

This is just one example of a legitimate news story–one that involves the type of investigative journalism that even the Left complains is lacking in the media today–that the MSM simply ignores.

Photo: Canadians participate in a march. Source: No One Is Illegal/Facebook, via The Canadian Progressive.