Crooked Hillary Has NO Support on Twitter

Hillary Clinton has almost no support on Twitter. Although she has 10 million followers (compared to Donald Trump’s 12.8 million followers), Trump’s engagement is anywhere from 4 to 35 times higher than hers.

Of Trump’s most recent 20 Tweets, none got less than 1,000 retweets. By comparison, out of Hillary’s most recent 20 Tweets, not including her pinned Tweet, 14 (70 percent) got fewer than 1,000 retweets. Trump’s highest retweet number was 20,000. Hillary’s highest retweet number was 3,700.

Trump’s highest number of likes, out of the same 20 most recent Tweets, is two different Tweets that tie at 40,000 likes. Hillary’s most liked recent Tweet has 4,600 likes, showing that Trump has nearly 9 times the engagement.

A Hillary Tweet about an event where Obama will be speaking has 1,200 retweets, and 4,500 likes.  

A Trump Tweet about an event where he’ll be talking about Obamacare got 6,800 retweets and more than 21,800 likes. Trump’s has more than 5.7 times as many retweets and 4.8 times as many likes. 

Hillary’s Tweet about one of her policies got a measly 492 retweets and 1,100 likes. There’s also something wonky about the way her Twitter is working, or the way her team posts for her. When you click on a Tweet to view the responses, a long string of her other Tweets shows up too, as if Twitter is rigging her posts so they get more exposure. I can’t even post this single Tweet without getting another included in the embed code: 

Trump’s Tweet about his policy on radical Islamic terrorism got 15,600 retweets and 39,200 likes–more than 30 times the engagement. 

YouTubers and writers who have millions fewer followers routinely get more retweets and likes than Hillary. 

Here’s a random Tweet from Stefan Molyneux about Hillary. He got more than 1,000 retweets, even though he has 9.9 million fewer followers than Hillary. 

Paul Joseph Watson’s retweet of the Hillary Tweet above was even more popular than Hillary’s original, getting 38 more shares even though he has 9.7 million fewer followers than she does. 

By scrolling through Hillary and Trump’s Twitter feeds you can find many more examples. 

Perhaps this lack of support is why Hillary had to wish herself a happy birthday on Twitter, a plan that backfired immediately. 

The high number of retweets is from the many people sharing the Tweet and mocking it. 

Trump is right. Not only is the media in the tank for Hillary, but she seems to have nothing but fake followers on Twitter. Maybe Hillary’s TV ad budget in Florida, where she’s spending 53 times more than Trump, cut into her budget for online trolls, fake online supporters, and fake protestors. So much apathy for Clinton and so much enthusiasm for Trump only means that Trump will be right again–he will win on Nov. 8!