The Fear of Muslims Will Continue Unless Something Changes

The night of July 1, patrons at Horsewood’s restaurant in Caldwell, Idaho, panicked after a Muslim-looking man wearing a backpack stood up on the bar and yelled “Allah is the only one true god.” Customers left their purses and cell phones behind as they bolted out the door. According to the Daily Mail, bartender Christopher Ozuna ripped the man’s “backpack off and immediately began to run.”

People yelled at the man to drop the bag, worried a bomb was inside. “But, you know, I’m trying to get it as far away as I possibly can. You know, better me than a hundred people,” Ozuna said. He ran the backpack out into the alley and away from innocent bystanders. 

Meanwhile other staff members tackled the 21-year-old man, Ralmanzow Bell, and held him until police arrived. It turned out that Bell was just drunk and the backpack only held a container of alcohol.

Regardless, the bartender’s actions–thinking he was putting his life on the line to save others–is a true act of heroism. “Instincts kicked in that this may be a terrorism attack,” restaurant owner Aaron Horsewood told KTVB. “Whether it was legitimate or not, that’s how you view it at the moment.”

Here’s local news coverage of the event, and it includes security camera footage of Bell climbing onto the bar and people fleeing the scene. They don’t scatter as fast as I expected after reading the news reports, but it’s still fairly dramatic. One guy sitting at the bar quickly jerks the woman with him away:

Bell has previously been arrested for driving under the influence and burglary.

I don’t think Ozuna is in the military, and if he was they wouldn’t give him a medal for trying to save others from what turned out to be a drunk guy. But he distinguished himself “through conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of life above and beyond the call of duty” like what the Medal of Honor is given for. Or he fits the description of “extraordinary heroism,” the requirement for the Distinguished Service Cross. Let’s hope his community is appreciative.

If You See Something and Say Something, You’re Racist

The media that reported the story couldn’t figure out whether the restaurant was in Iowa or Idaho–some news stories had one location in the headline and another in the story. Reporters today have gotten so lazy–probably due in part to news organizations pushing them to write more in less time and to get stories online as quickly as possible. We should view that as a good thing–the media’s inability to spend 5 seconds looking up the correct location of the restaurant like I did further erodes any remaining credibility of the mainstream press.

Horsewood’s restaurant, as can be expected, is defending itself against charges of racism and bigotry. They posted on their Facebook page:

We are not racist, we are not bigots! We love people, and the media is playing a real shitty game of phone…misconstrued each time it is reported on! Please do not allow the media to form your opinion of us!!

I’d expect that events like this will keep happening–not drunk men yelling about Allah, but people fleeing a scene because of a suspected terrorist attack.

Even the Ahmed Mohamed clock incident in Irving, Texas, was surprising. I don’t think anyone at the school really thought it was a bomb, since they left it in the classrooms all day–proving, in fact, that the teachers at the school weren’t racist. But imagine the chaos if this clock was left sitting under a park bench during a parade. No one would assume it was a clock:

Screen Shot 2016-07-04 at 7.14.50 PMThe U.S. Department of Homeland Security has a policy called If You See Something, Say Something.™ Yes, it really has a poor man’s trademark. Despite this message being drilled by the government, every time people “say something” they’re accused of being racist.

Meanwhile, there have been so many terror attacks from Islamic extremists, it’s getting to the point where if a woman in a hijab, niqab or burka sits down next to someone on a public bench they’re going to get up and leave. Or if a Muslim man walks into a shop carrying a large bag, people are going to flee.

That’s not the type of society anyone wants to live in–whether you’re the American or European who’s scared, or the Middle Easterner who everyone’s scared of. The Left-wing policies of multiculturalism and integration are now resulting in even more discrimination.

People say the same thing happened when the Irish, Italians, and Chinese came to America. People discriminated at first, then the new immigrants assimilated into the melting pot and people saw they were harmless. So far it doesn’t look like that will happen anytime soon with Muslims in America. In fact, bringing in refugees only seems to make discrimination against existing Muslim-Americans worse.

According to one study, already 70 percent of Europeans believe Muslim migration poses a serious threat and 86 percent fear more terrorist attacks are likely. When asked whether “the rapid population growth of Muslims” is a threat to Europe, 70 percent agreed. Also, 63 percent feared an influx of immigration would change their country’s culture. A full 77 percent said they thought the EU had handled the migrant crisis badly.

If terror attacks continue in America–since no one seems to notice much when they happen in Turkey, Saudi ArabiaBangladesh, Iraq, Libya, or the many other places where terror attacks have occurred so far in 2016–we can expect people’s fear of Muslims to grow. It’s sad, but there’s no way to distinguish between decent and harmful people by just looking at them. But it’s also disturbing that out leaders really don’t seem to have any group’s best interests at heart.