Will the Election of God Emperor Trump Bring a New Golden Age?

Will the reign of God Emperor Trump, as he’s referred to on a pro-Trump Facebook meme page, usher in a mini-Golden Age, a brief respite from the most degenerate aspects of the Kali Yuga? It depends on how you define a Golden Age, but the writings of Julius Evola are clear that a swing toward nationalism and the rule of the merchant class is better than a complete descent into a Shudra society.

Traditionalist philosophy states that Golden Age societies were ruled by a “Sacred King.” Power then passed to the warrior-monarch caste (varna), then to the merchants, and finally to the Shudra caste, the slaves or workers.

A Return to the Vaishya Caste and the Reemergence of Leisure

Today’s America hangs in a delicate balance between being a Vaishya (merchant) nation and a Shudra nation. Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton will further the degradation of American society, putting us firmly in the realm of slave rule. As Evola states in A Traditionalist Confronts Fascism:

Finally, the crisis of bourgeois society, the proletarian revolt, and the despotism of the masses that is established as purely collective, economic, and international entities forecast the final collapse, through which power passes to the last caste — the caste of those without names or faces, with the resulting reduction of every standard of living to the level of matter and number.

All of this represents man moving toward the collective, and a further sublimation of the interests of the higher castes to those of the lower castes. As stated in the Brahma-vaivarta Purana, describing the Kali Yuga: “For 10,000 years of Kali such devotees of Mine will be present on earth. After the departure of My devotees there will be only one varna, Outcaste.”

While Donald Trump doesn’t have all the characteristics of a sacred king, his brand of nationalism puts the swing decidedly back in the right direction. Granted, Trump represents the economic man whose mission is to work. Yet at the same time, Trump values the warrior caste more highly than any other presidential candidate. And though it’s doubtful anyone believes Christianity forms an integral part of his life philosophy, he supports traditional religion. Meanwhile, Sanders and Clinton denigrate religious interests outside of exoteric Islam, and Ted Cruz’s cross-country tent-revival tour has some in the Sanatana Dharma community saying a “potential Cruz administration would see all non-Christian religions actively suppressed in America.”

Taking a broad view, Trump’s economic policies can be seen to have a spiritual and creative aspect: By providing Americans with better, higher-paying jobs, taxing them less, and lowering their health care costs, Trump’s policies pave the way toward resuming an aspect of leisure among the middle classes of America. And as Joseph Pieper has stated, it is time for leisure that paves the way for the development of high culture, high art, and the contemplation of God.

In contrast, Clinton’s policies, and especially Sanders’, will provide a free ride to the most degenerate aspects of the country, at the expense of higher-IQ, more disciplined, and harder-working Americans.

This is what Evola meant when speaking of a “restorative nationalism”:

In the context of a restorative nationalism we are dealing with the following: first of all, giving a formal order to everything that corresponds to the bodily, vital, or animal part of a human organism in the social whole, and that represents dominion over the two inferior classes: work, economy, and political organisation in the strict sense, creating an ‘economic peace’ that will bring about ‘unwinding’ and allow energies of a higher type to liberate themselves and act on a higher plane. Then men can begin reconstructing the second caste, which is that of the warrior aristocracy, with the monarch as the first of aristocrats. It is a pure aristocracy in which the ideal of the higher formation of the personality can be realized.

In addition, almost every leader of the Far Right in Europe has stated their support for Trump, in part because a Trump presidency in America will set a great “tone” for Europe to be able to follow, in terms of taking action against immigration and political correctness, according to BuzzFeed. Even without a presidential win, Trump has done wonders for widening the limits of popular discourse. The example he’s set for standing one’s ground against SJWs and cry-bullies will have a lasting impact.

As he says himself, Donald Trump is “unpredictable,” but if he does become president it will certainly move American society toward more of a “Golden Age” in terms of economic stabilization, national security, and a nationalist agenda than any other candidate. His most difficult task will likely be ensuring his policy changes outlast his time in office.

Image credit: Hindus for Trump Facebook page.