Best Teas for Health and Disease

The best teas for health are easy to create if you make your own tea blends. All you need is an organic grocery store nearby that sells bulk teas. Although you can buy almost any kind of tea in a bag, I’ve found that it’s not only cheaper to buy teas loose, but it allows greater flexibility in customizing the blend. Tea is a scientifically proven (and delicious!) way to give the body a little extra protection. The following is a guide to the best teas for health and their benefits, for more than 40 different teas.

There are a few “rules” for tea-blending — such as always using 1 part flowery tea, 2 parts placeholder, 1 part fruity, and 1 part cooling tea. But sticking to such a strict interpretation of tea-blending seems to keep most people from doing it. I’ve had success with using only one of the below teas, as well as combinations with just two. If you need to mask the flavor of a certain tea, just toss in a bag of green tea (when you need energy), a bag of chamomile or bedtime tea (at nighttime), or any fruity or flowing tea to mask the flavor.

You also don’t have to buy any expensive equipment to create your own tea blends. A simple tea strainer is all you need.

Best Teas for Health and Disease

Acai: cardiovascular disorders, digestive problems, energy boosting, overall boost of the immune system

Angelica: allergies, digestive disorders, flatulence, muscle spasms, PMS and menopause symptoms (including cramps and bloating)

Anise: colic, common cold, cough, digestive disorders, expectorant, flatulence, influenza, mental equilibrium, good for nursing mothers, stress and irritability

Basil: diarrhea, insomnia, ulcers

Blackberry: diarrhea, sore throat, used as a complement to treatments for cancer and heart disease

Blueberry (usually black tea infused with blueberry): cancer, cardiovascular disease, digestive disorders, high blood pressure, overall boost of the immune system, to lower the risk of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s

Borage: depression, eczema and related skin problems, expectorant, fevers, mouth and throat infections

Burdock: arthritis, cough, digestive problems, kidney problems, liver problems

Calendula: anti-aging (helps stimulate the production of collagen), stopping bleeding, digestive problems, eczema, inflammation, menstrual problems, mouth ulcers, wound healing

Chai: aches and pains, bacterial infections, cancer, cardiovascular disease, common cold, cough, digestive disorders, sore throat

Chamomile: acne, anxiety, cancer, colic/teething, common cold, depression, helps with symptoms of diabetes, digestive problems, high cholesterol, insomnia, menstrual pain, stress

Chrysanthemum: acne, dizziness, eye troubles, fever reducer, influenza, sore throat, stress

Clove: digestive problems, kills fungi and bacteria, erectile dysfunction, hiccups, nausea, toothaches

Dandelion root: arthritis, cancer, constipation, detoxification, helps with effects of diabetes, diarrhea, high cholesterol, inflammation, liver problems (making it a good choice for alcoholics), may help with age-related memory diseases such as Alzheimer’s

Echinacea: common cold, infections, sore throat, overall boost of the immune system, as a supplement with cancer treatment

Elderberry: allergies and asthma, arthritis, colds with phlegm, detoxification, fever, influenza, recovery from viruses

Ginko biloba: allergies, circulatory (varicose veins), coughs with phlegm, dementia, depression, erectile dysfunction, irregular heartbeat, to improve memory

Ginger: dizziness, flatulence, inflammation, nausea/vomiting, upset stomach due to motion sickness

Ginseng: aches and pains, cancer, high cholesterol, chronic illness, depression, energy boosting, improves mental performance, stress, to restore balance in the body, fights infection and viruses

Goji berry: blood circulation, eye troubles, fertility (especially in men), liver protection, kidney protection, overall boost of the immune system

Green tea: acne; arthritis; to slow the growth of bladder, breast, lung, stomach, pancreatic, and colorectal cancers; common cold; dementia; to reduce chances of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s; to reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke; improves cholesterol levels; inflammation

Hawthorn berries: heart problems and circulatory disorders, high blood pressure

Hibiscus: common cold, expectorant, high blood pressure, laxative

Jasmine: anti-aging, cancer, improves cholesterol levels, common cold, can lower blood sugar in diabetics, digestive problems, energy boosting, overall boost of the immune system, mental clarity

Lavender: anxiety, depression, fever, headaches, insomnia, stress

Lemon balm (aka Melissa): anxiety, depression, indigestion, insomnia, stress, tension headaches

Lemongrass: arthritis pain, may help prevent cancer, digestive problems, energy boosting, improves cholesterol levels, menstrual problems, muscle spasms, stress/nervousness, overall boost of the immune system

Lemon verbena: anxiety, colic, diarrhea, feverish colds, flatulence, stress

Licorice root: boils, constipation, depression, diarrhea, sore throat, helps heal stomach ulcers

Nettles (dried): allergies, arthritis, asthma, eczema, fertility, menstrual bleeding, to reduce prostate enlargement

Nutmeg: diarrhea, digestive problems, nausea/vomiting, premature ejaculation

Orange (usually black tea infused with orange): arthritis, asthma, to lower the risk of cancer, can lower blood sugar in diabetics, to prevent heart and cardiovascular disease, to prevent kidney stones, to fight viruses

Passion flower: anxiety, improves blood circulation, headaches, high blood pressure, insomnia, pain (especially back pain), Parkinson’s disease, toothache

Peppermint: anxiety, bad breath, digestive disorders, heartburn, helps the liver, helps with staying alert

Pomegranate: Alzheimer’s disease, arthritis, cancer, diabetes, infection, kidney and bladder disorders

Red raspberry leaves: anti-aging (fights wrinkles), common cold, cold sores, diarrhea, digestive problems, fertility, gingivitis, for overall health during pregnancy

Rooibos (red tea): may help fight cancer, energy boosting

Rose petals: common cold, congestion, depression, detoxification, diarrhea, fever, infections, insomnia, menstual problems, runny nose

Rosehips: anti-aging (fights wrinkles), common cold, diarrhea, fever, influenza, nausea/vomiting, scar healing, wound healing, can lower blood sugar in diabetics, may lower blood pressure

Rosemary: arthritis, fever, flatulence, headaches, helps poor circulation, may improve memory

Safflower: anxiety, cancer, digestive problems, improves cholesterol levels, fever, overall boost of the immune system

Saw palmetto: for the prevention of prostate cancer and prostate enlargement, persistent cough, detoxification, digestive problems

Spearmint: colic, fever, flatulence, hiccups, indigestion, respiratory infections

St. John’s Wort: bruises, chest conjestion, depression, headaches, pain (especially in the spine), wound healing

Strawberry (usually black tea infused with strawberry): anti-aging, can lower blood sugar in diabetics, to prevent cancer, high blood pressure, fighting viruses

Violet leaf (aka wild pansy, sweet violet, or Chinese violet): asthma and allergies, boils, congestion, cough, eczema, sinus pain, may fight inflammation and cancer

Yerba Mate: energy boosting; mental alertness; digestive disorders; headaches; as a complementary treatment for cancer, cardiovascular disorders, and diabetes