How the Left Abandoned the Environment: Climate Change

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The biggest grievances on the Left today is climate change. They make documentaries about it, slander anyone who brings up facts against it as a “climate denier” or “science denier,” and it played a large role in the 2016 presidential election. President-elect Donald Trump has repeated that he’ll bring back coal jobs, in part by repealing Obama’s climate change regulations, and has called climate change a hoax. 

But the Left’s focus on climate change, at the expense of any other regulations to help the environment, is politically divisive. It’s created a false dichotomy in which the Left’s only environmental policy issue is climate change, and the Right’s only position is against it. 

If politicians (and citizens) focused instead on real issues—saving the rain forest, preventing pollution, clean air and water—they’d have more consensus from all sides of the issue. More importantly, they could start to work together to cause some meaningful change. 

Climate Change: Regulations ≠ a Healthy Planet

Liberals believe that climate change is melting the polar ice caps, creating climate refugees, and is a bigger threat to the world than ISIS. Maybe it is, but it’s become a tyrannical ideology since no one is allowed to debate it without being called names. 

Despite the fact that there’s no consensus among scientists that climate change is real, and despite their false narrative about an increase in hurricanes, floods and droughts, the Left’s devotion to the myth of climate change is as unwavering as the religious men and women they mock. 

The truth is that about 43 percent of scientists support the concept of man-made climate change, not 97 percent. When when evidence (like Stefan’s video above) is disregarded, when the opposite side is called names rather than debated, and when free debate is shut down, it only creates further polarization and people become even more emotional about their commitment. 

If the Left focused instead on removing plastic from the oceans, reducing trash, increasing recycling, cleaning the air in polluted cities, or any number of other concrete issues, they’d see a lot of support from the Right. But instead they’ve chosen to politicize the issue, isolating millions of potential environmental advocates along the way, and it only retards any potential progress that could be made to help the earth. 

Conservatives are sick of the amount of money going into “research” for climate change: $32.5 billion in U.S. government grants between 1989 and 2009, plus $79 billion for climate change technology research, foreign aid and tax breaks for “green energy.” Think what those billions of dollars could do if put to cleaning up the environment rather than funding jobs for scientists and government officials who seem to care more about funding themselves than helping the earth. Think of the immediate impacts that could be seen by limiting the world’s population and decreasing consumerism. Imagine the immediate effects that could be seen from investing in vegan foods rather than factory farming–from healthy people and more rain forests to less pollution and fewer hungry people. 

Living close to nature. Anti-consumerism. Following the way of nature. Keeping the human population in check. Sincerity and integrity over buzzwords. Anti-urbanization. These are what the Left has abandoned when it sold out to big business and globalization. These are the values left behind when they shill for increased immigration to the West, propping up unsustainable population growth in the third-world, and climate change regulations that put money in the pockets of government contractors and researchers. The world deserves better. 

Image credit: Heikenwaelder Hugo, Austria

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