Revolution from Above by Kerry Bolton: Book Review

Kerry Bolton
Revolution from Above
Arktos Media, 2011

Revolution from Above, written by respected scholar Dr. Kerry Bolton, isn’t the typical book on New World Order conspiracy theories. Usually such books are poorly cited from speculative sources and veer more toward opinion than scholarship. Bolton’s work is the gold standard for books about the secret ties between the World Controllers such as big banksters and the forces of Communism throughout history. He also paints of clear picture of why the rich elite and today’s Radical Left—typically seen as against capitalism—actually share the same worldview. 

Throughout the book, Bolton uses the term “World Controllers” to describe the seemingly all-powerful globalists, a phrase from Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World. The novel “depicts a World Collectivist State where the population is controlled not with fear (like Orwell’s 1984) but with pleasure.” Today’s World Controllers include Wall Street bankers, big business, politicians and the media. Their goals include destroying the family, industrialization of traditional societies, destroying traditional cultures, abolishing private property, globalizing the world economy, secularization of religion, and even internationalizing and desacralizing human consciousness. They work to undermine anything that people have loyalties to other than the State so they can set up government and consumer cultures in their place.

The Origins of the World Controllers

revolution-from-above-kerry-boltonBolton starts with Plato’s Republic, in which the philosopher advocated for the destruction of private property and the nuclear family, calling him the “Father of Collectivism.” He discusses the Order of the Illuminati, founded by Adam Weishaupt in Bavaria in 1775 with the aim of a world state, fulfilled in part by the destruction of the traditional concept of family (along with monarchy, the Church, and nation-states). In 1848, Friedrich Engels’ book The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State was released, which claimed the nuclear family had removed women from the public sphere and made her a homebound domestic servant.

In 1883 the Fabian Society was started in Britain. Then the Fabians (who called themselves collectivists) set up the London School of Economics and Political Science “that, like certain institutions in the US, provides an influential means by which Big Business can foster its aims.” Shortly after, members of the German Communist Party at Frankfurt University started a group that later morphed into the Frankfurt School. Like so many Left-wing organizations, it too was endowed by an international businessman. The Frankfurt School later developed Critical Theory, now a mainstay in university classrooms where every novel is interpreted in terms of sexism, colonialism, and the imperialism of Christian morality. As Bolton notes, one of the Frankfurt School’s most influential publications was Theodor W. Adorno’s The Authoritarian Personality, “which indicts the ‘patriarchal family’ as the seedbed of ‘fascism,’ supposedly because of the inherent authoritarianism of the father-figure.”

Bolton gives many examples of World Controllers involvement in the degeneration of the West. Marxist Herbert Marcuse’s Eros and Civilization, a manifesto of 1960s’ counterculture, was funded by the Rockefeller Foundation. The Fifth Avenue-based foundation also funded Marcuse’s One-Dimensional Man. The socialist New School for Social Research was where the Rockefeller Foundation’s Emergency Program for European Scholars was implemented to bring Marxist scholars to the U.S., with the whole thing approved by the State Department. The research of Alfred Kinsey, who was responsible for the new sexuality of the past 60 years, was funded by the Rockefeller Foundation through the National Research Council. 

The Decline of the West

Dr. Kerry Bolton

Dr. Kerry Bolton

In chapter four, Bolton refers to The Decline of the West, in which Oswald Spengler noted that Big Business, birth control, socialism and the “liberation of women” arose in previous civilizations during their cycles of decay. Spengler calls socialism “capitalistic” because rather than destroying money-based values, it attempts “to possess them.” Spengler even noted that revolutions “in the name of the people” are simply a façade so the Money class can take power from the traditional ruling classes. 

Bolton refers to Spengler’s observation that a stage of depopulation arises during a civilization’s materialistic cycle. This is because money becomes the primary focus on life, relegating family to the background. As Spengler says:

The meaning of man and wife, the will to perpetuity, is being lost. People live for themselves alone, not for future generations. The nation as society, once the organic web of families, threatens to dissolve, from the city outwards, into a sum of private atoms, of which each is intent on extracting from his own and other lives the maximum of amusement—panem et circenses.

George Soros’ Plans to Undermine Traditional Cultures

Relevant to current events and the 2016 presidential election, Bolton discusses the role George Soros has played in controlling the lives of everyday citizens. Through the Open Society Institute, Soros has pushed for liberalized drug laws, feminism, abortion, and more recently, the foreign policy of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the Black Lives Matter movement. As Bolton explains, the true agenda of these feminist campaigns is not to achieve equality for women, but “to undermine the family by getting more women happily into the workplace and foregoing children by any variety of contraceptive methods.”

Soros’ network has particularly focused on the former Soviet bloc and the Third World, Bolton says, in order to destroy traditional cultures and religions. Another Open Society initiative, the Network Women’s Program, focuses on destroying traditional gender roles in the name of “equality.”

The CIA’s Plan: ‘Turn on, tune in, drop out’

Revolution from Above also discusses how the CIA’s Frank Barrow established the Psychedelic Drug Research Center at Harvard in 1960 when Timothy Leary was a lecturer in psychology. Leary began his LSD experiments while under Barrow’s direction. Leftist Aldous Huxley, author of The Doors of Perception, came to the school as a visiting professor and was on the founding board of the Harvard Psilocybin Project. Leary credited CIA operative Cord Meyer with “helping me understand my political cultural role more clearly.” And when Leary left Harvard in 1962, he went to work for William Mellon Hitchcock’s CIA front, the International Foundation for Internal Freedom (IFIF). Leary lived at the 2,500-acre Hitchcock Estate where he performed research into psychedelics. According to Bolton:

It is evident from those contemporary reports on Leary’s lectures that he, with the assistance of Aldous Huxley and funding from wealthy patrons and the CIA, was being sponsored to establish an alternative drug-centred, ‘religion’ based on the obliteration of individual identity and the formation of a group consciousness that transcended traditional culture patterns, a cult controlled by ‘love engineers.’ This is the same as the methods of control outlined in Huxley’s Brave New World. . . . The Leary movement was thoroughly subversive, and was serving forces to change the social and cultural structure. Under the guise of ‘rebellion’ and ‘non-conformity,’ the groundwork was being laid for the phoney ‘youth rebellion’ of the New Left, and concomitant feminism and internationalism, movements, which are even more influential today under new names and forms often called Political Correctness.

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There are many more connections outlined by Bolton in the book. In fact, Revolution from Above is so detailed it functions as a reference book for information about organizations and events related to the World Controllers, from the Bavarian Illuminati to the recent “colour revolutions” in the Middle East. For anyone interested in why Leftist uprisings occur, who sponsors them, and what their agendas are, Revolution from Above  is a must-read. 

The website of Alex Kurtagic has an excellent interview with Dr. Bolton that discusses the modern world, Bolton’s influences, his involvement with the Temple of Set, founding of the Order of the Left Hand Path (Ordo Sinistra Vivendi), and his books Thinkers of the Right and Artists of the Right