SJWs Are Sociopaths (and Antifa Are Psychopaths)

From the mantra “liberalism is a mental disorder” to the violence displayed at Trump rallies and college campuses by Antifa rioters, most people now know there’s something off about many people on the Left. It’s striking just how many of these Leftists demonstrate characteristics of some of the most frightening and dangerous mental disorders, like sociopathy. 

If you’ve ever dealt with a sociopath, you won’t quickly forget. A sociopath has a weak conscience (some say no conscience at all). Some may be in prison, but others come across as ordinary people who, once your get to know them, have no moral integrity in private. They can justify lying, cheating on their taxes or spouses, manipulating people for money, and causing strife in relationships to gain control, all while playing the victim. They may have empathy for those in their inner circle, but are incapable of feeling it toward people they’re trying to control. They’re deceitful (when it suits their ends), irresponsible or impulsive, have trouble maintaining long-term relationships, and can be callous or downright hostile. 

These are the same personality defects that allow today’s Left can use minority groups as pawns to push their agenda, even when their policies would hurt those groups, and have no ability to empathize with the working and middle classes, white people, Christians, or any group onto which they’ve projected the label “evil.” 

Here are a few sociopathic characteristics of SJWs, along with how these traits manifest in a person’s personal life. 

They’re unwilling to have a discussion 

SJWs sling unfounded accusations and engage in ad hominem attacks, but they’re unwilling to sit down and have a congenial debate—probably because they know they’d lose. If a debate is attempted, it quickly degenerates when SJWs lose control of themselves and start yelling (like what happened when Ben Shapiro expressed his opinion on transgenderism only to be threatened). SJWs and Antifa riot to shut down conservative speakers on college campuses, and if a speech does occur, they’re inside the room with horns blaring, jumping on stage, and shouting down the speaker. 

Likewise, in their personal lives, sociopaths are passive-aggressive instead of having a reasonable conversation with you about disagreements. If a discussion takes place, they play the victim and refuse to admit any inconsiderate behavior on their part. 

They lack empathy 

The Left prides itself on being empathetic, but this has turned into mere virtue signaling. They’re only capable of having empathy for people who are on their side or who are pawns in their political game. Everyone else is treated as an enemy. They may try to get you fired, make threats against you, or resort to physical violence against if you hold a different view. In contrast, true empathy requires seeing beyond party lines and truly trying to understand the other side’s views, without condescension. 

A lot of this has to do with the anti-white, anti-Christian, and anti-male brainwashing they’ve received from the corporate media and big business. Like children in National Socialist Germany raised to think of Jews as an evil enemy, or WWII vets who still hate “the Japs,” so much conditioning is hard to break free of. 

In their personal lives, sociopaths are defined as people who can’t feel empathy, except when being empathetic aligns with their agenda. They dominate conversations with their problems, but have little to no time to get to know you or your struggles. They may be gossips who rely on the rumor mill rather than seeking facts from the source, or they may have no qualms about hurting people who stand in their way. 

They twist your words 

Twisting words is another manipulation tool. SJWs may appeal to extremes, taking your words to their most absurd interpretation. If you say you want to ban refugees, they twist it to mean you hate all Arabs and wish them harm, even though you may advocate for using the same amount of money to help them in their homelands. 

They try to undermine you by making you question yourself. All of the name-calling used by SJWs falls into this category as well—the ad hominem attacks like racist/sexist/bigot are attempts at gaslighting, “a form of manipulation that seeks to sow seeds of doubt in a targeted individual or members of a group, hoping to make targets question their own memory, perception, and sanity.” 

In their day-to-day lives, the word-twisting and gaslighting make it impossible to have a relationship with a sociopath. They’re more concerned with maintaining a perception of innocence than they are about self-reflection. And these manipulative techniques cross the line into abusive behavior. 

They’re violent, or threaten violence 

SJWs claim to be against violence; Antifa outright admits they think violence is necessary. It you share opinions they dislike, their reactions range from trying to shut down your speech to threats of violence if you continue. Their control techniques range from making threats online, to throwing glass, bricks, and rocks and pepper spraying those they disagree with. 

In their personal lives, sociopaths may use the threat of violence as a tool to control their victims, often “for their own good.” They’re the controlling boss or family member that everyone else tiptoes around in order to protect themselves. Psychopaths, like Antifa, are capable of using actual violence, then feeling no remorse because they blame their victims for “making them do it.”

They’re authoritarian control freaks 

SJWs bring out the meanness and abuse if you don’t do what they want. These are the friends that love you, until they find out you voted for Trump or don’t support illegals; then they turn against you with a vengeance unless you conform to their expectations. 

Their whole political ideology is authoritarian as well. They want their agenda enforced at gunpoint, with your taxes supporting programs whether you like them or not. Local choice—for gun control, gay marriage, or abortion—isn’t an option to these control freaks. They want everyone following their rules. 

Sociopaths do the same thing in whatever sphere their control streak manifests, such as their family, at church, or at work. 

They project their hateful qualities, and place blame on you 

Carl Jung developed the concept of projection: When a person can’t face their dark side (the shadow), he projects it outside of himself and labels others as having the evil quality he refuses to see within himself. This is classic SJW. Most of their rhetoric is name-calling and they’re oblivious to how they display the negative traits they accuse others of possessing. 

We saw this firsthand during the 2016 presidential election and the following months. Time and again, supporters of President Trump were beaten, chased down, had eggs thrown at them, were hit in the head with bike locks—while claiming it was conservatives’ fault for saying things they didn’t like. Like sociopaths, SJWs don’t want to take responsibility for themselves and their actions.

Outside of politics sociopaths use the same type of projection and name-calling. But rather than racist or bigot, they may call you an asshole or say you’re too sensitive. 

They try to make you feel guilty for saying no 

Don’t want to give amnesty to criminal immigrants? The Left says you’re a bad person. Don’t want to let Muslims into your country but help them in their homelands instead? You should feel guilty. Don’t want your money stolen from you to support the West’s dysgenic welfare programs? They’ll try to shame you.

Trying to make you feel guilty is one of the most telling signs of a narcissist, sociopath, or psychopath. And, you’ll notice it’s always used by SJWs, the most obvious examples being “white privilege” and “white guilt,” where they expect you to feel guilty for the color of your skin.  

In their personal lives, sociopaths will use guilt to keep you in line. They’re notorious for passive-aggressive comments, or complaining about how their happiness is dependent upon your actions. If you refuse to comply, the sociopath will alter their tactics until you give in. 

They have difficulty maintaining healthy relationships 

The jokes about childless and single SJWs who’ll grow up to be cat ladies are based on observations: SJWs seem to have trouble maintaining romantic relationships. Left-wingers with families who are politically engaged tend to work in politics or social justice non-profits, or be less virulent than the typical SJW. It’s hard to protest and block streets when you work involves more than an hourly line cook and you’re busy raising the next generation. 

Other SJWs have strained relationships with their families of origin, particularly if they have conservative fathers or single mothers. Some have been legitimately abused, leading to their mental instability, while others use their mostly decent parents as an excuse for their failures. 

Sociopaths have the same trouble maintaining healthy relationships in whatever area their sociopathy manifests. I wouldn’t be surprised if many of the elderly in nursing homes who receive no visitors have sociopathic tendencies. Whether they completely disown their family over petty grievances, or become so intolerable that no one wants to see them, a lack of healthy, long-term relationships is a common trait. 

Martha Stout’s The Sociopath Next Door is a good read for learning more about sociopaths. In the past, some societies had ways of dealing with them, like how the native Alaskans dealt with men who lied, cheated, refused to help out, and took advantage of the women. The traditional Inuit approach to this type of sociopathic man “was to insist he go hunting, and then, in the absence of witnesses, push him off the edge of the ice.” 

Until modern society goes back to such a no-nonsense approach, the best bet is to study up on sociopaths and SJWs in order to recognize them. Then you’ll be able to warn others, and avoid them if possible.