Stronger Together: It’s Time for the Alt-Right and Alt-Left to Join Against the Establishment

Whether you’re on the radical Right or radical Left, the past two weeks have been a time to celebrate Hillary Clinton’s defeat. After only a few days of Donald Trump’s election, both Mexico and Canada said they were willing to renegotiate NAFTA. President Obama ditched his plans for TPP. Russian President Vladimir Putin and President-Elect Trump spoke by phone about bilateral cooperation in the war against radical Islamic terror and America is no longer in danger of World War III with Russia. Trump called out the lying and biased mainstream media that propped up Hillary Clinton throughout the campaign season.

From the perspective of the far Left, the DNC royally screwed over Bernie Sanders and his supporters by colluding with the Clinton campaign. Everyone but the Hillbots knew Hillary and the DNC were running on a platform that was essentially Republican. Many Bernie supporters switched to Trump, recognizing that his anti-establishment platform that put “America First” was closer to their own ideals than Hillary’s war-hawk, Wall Street agenda. Green Party candidate Jill Stein was accused of endorsing Trump because she said a Hillary presidency was the most dangerous of the two. 

The Alt-Right and the Alt-Left (i.e., supporters of Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein) are natural allies in the political and social revolution taking shape in America today. It’s true, there are disagreements between the two camps, but they have more in common than either do with establishment Republicans and Democrats. 

Most Trump supporters and Alt-Righters reading this already know what they have in common with the radical Left. But based on the vitriol that Berners and Greens often display for the radical Right, it’s apparent they consider the Alt-Right a cesspool of fascism and racism and are unaware of its progressive aspects. This needs to be corrected, because if these ideologies can come together, not only can we end the divisiveness that’s sweeping the country, we can take down the establishment and make the country great forever. 

Common Ground: The Alt-Right and Alt-Left Are the 99% 

The Alt-Right and Alt-Left have a lot in common, but the mainstream media loves to focus on our differences with hyped up stories of strife between various groups. We all suffer from the poor economy, we all want better schools for our children, and we’re all tired of the super-rich and political elite working only for their own interests. 

Both the Alt-Right and Alt-Left agree on a policy of America First, including saying no to trade deals that put Americans out of jobs. They agree manufacturing jobs should be brought back to the country. Neither side cares if locally sourced products cost a bit more.

They agree on a non-interventionist policy, including opposition to American meddling in the Middle East. Both far-righters and progressives LOVE Putin! It’s quite surprising to see how many on the Alt-Right and Alt-Left cite RT (Russia Today) as a favorite news source. 

In the realm of social programs, they agree America’s homeless and veterans should be taken care of, whether that involves mental health care or jobs. They agree our country’s schools are a mess and that kids graduate without the skills needed to make it in the workplace. They support more technical training in high schools. They agree that college is ridiculously expensive, though each side proposes a different solution. They agree Americans need higher-paying jobs, albeit with different suggestions of how to make that happen. Both want to improve the conditions for those living in poverty in the inner cities and rural communities, in the form of better jobs, less crime, and more wholesome communities. They agree on legalizing marijuana, particularly for medicinal use, and an end to the war on pot.

The Alt-Right and Alt-Left are equally opposed to establishment politicians funded by big donors who pull their strings once the elections are over. Both support populist uprisings that give power to the masses whose voices are seldom heard in D.C. They oppose the Patriot Act and spying on American citizens, hence both camps’ support for Edward Snowden. They oppose corruption in politics and elections, hence both camps’ support of Julian Assange and WikiLeaks.

Both oppose Wall St. and corporate money in politics. In fact, both are pretty opposed to big business and the banksters in general and would love to see them fall. Though it’s more of a talking point on the Alt-Right and among anarco-capitalists, both welcome an end to the Federal Reserve. They share a hatred of the super-rich, especially those who use their money to implement policies that help them while destroying the lives of common citizens and the environment. A hatred of George Soros is another point of agreement. 

Finally, both express admiration for Europe, the Alt-Right primarily for its traditions and cultural institutions and the Alt-Left for its culture and politics. If immigration was curtailed and if welfare fraud was replaced with workfare the Alt-Right could get on board with some of the socialist policies of the far Left. 

This common ground is rarely discussed. Instead, the Alt-Right and Alt-Left are pitted as polar opposites. Members of both groups need to start bringing these similarities to the forefront rather than focusing on their differences. 

Everyone Wins with Local Government 

It’s sad that there are so many disagreements between the Alt-Right and Alt-Left, such as their opinions on legal and illegal immigration, welfare programs, gun rights, political correctness, and what constitutes racism, sexism, and homophobia.

It’s sad because there’s an easy solution to these disagreements, but it involves both sides compromising on their totalitarian desire for power. The answer is states’ rights and local government.

The Alt-Right leans libertarian. They typically don’t care if other parts of the country pass laws they dislike, so long as the federal government doesn’t get involved in their communities. The Alt-Left, on the other hand, wants everything enacted at the national level. They’re going to have to quit insisting on controlling everyone in America, because that’s a big part of what leads to the fractured state we’re in now. If the Left can sign on to moving government from the national to local level, they’ll be able to create the communities they desire with little opposition from rural America, who typically don’t care how San Fransisco or Portland run their cities. 

So rather than proscribing national laws for things like gay marriage, welfare programs, the minimum wage, and abortion laws, we’d go back to the Tenth Amendment of the Constitution:

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people. 

In liberal states and towns, citizens will be free to ban all guns, provide state-funded abortions or birth control, enact laws against hate speech, and whatever else they desire. In conservative states and municipalities, citizens will be free to eliminate all gun laws, end welfare programs, enact strict immigration laws, or ban gay marriage.

This plan would create a conglomerate of 50 semi-autonomous “nation-states.” Federal taxation would decrease, with states voting on which federal programs to opt into, including funding for the military and defense. With this compromise, both the Alt-Right and Alt-Left can be happy with the policies and government in their own areas. Everyone will be free to move to other cities or states, just as today liberals from around the country are flocking to Oregon while conservatives are fleeing California to Texas. 

The alternative is to keep bickering and hold up progress that could be made if we work together–progress on important goals like eliminating the establishment politicians and giving more power to the people.