How To Trump SJWs: Using Alinsky’s ‘Rules for Radicals’ Against Liberals

Editor’s note: The following in an excerpt from the introduction to How to Trump SJWs: Using Alinsky’s ‘Rules for Radicals’ Against Liberals. The Kindle version is currently available for $2.99 on Amazon. Click here to purchase.

During the past few years a new breed of radical Leftist has developed, one that’s just as intolerant and violent as rioters in the late 1960s or the Bolsheviks who created Communist Russia. Steeped in the “progressive” ideologies taught at liberal universities, social justice warriors believe in feminism, gay rights, political correctness, transgender rights, women’s rights, the Black Lives Matter movement, gun restrictions, and whatever else their liberal professors and the media can make them think is an “injustice.” Yet they are not content with equality. They seek special treatment and special privileges for those groups they consider to be marginalized.

The name social justice warrior (SJW) is a pejorative that refers to someone who talks a lot about “social justice,” but who in real life seems to care more about their own reputation and virtue signaling than effecting any real change.

Since SJWs believe straight white males have “white privilege,” they think white men have never suffered any injustice. They claim white men created a racist “patriarchy” in America and Europe that they use to suppress everyone else. SJWs don’t compare Western societies to other cultures — such as Islamic countries where women can’t vote, child marriage is legal, slavery is still practiced, and gays are put to death. If they did, they might feel fortunate to live in the freest countries in the world. Instead, they just complain.

How to Trump SJWs

“How to Trump SJWs” is free at Amazon through Aug. 6, 2016. Click here to download!

This is because SJWs only examine history from the point of view of the oppressed. One of their favorite books is Howard Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States, which is filled with stories of white men killing Indians and the rise of the KKK. Because of this limited perspective, SJWs feel no gratitude for the European-Americans who gave their lives to end slavery, gave women and minorities the vote, put non-discrimination laws into place, built a social welfare net, and granted freedoms to all citizens years before the majority of the world. Their hatred doesn’t stop at just white men, even though it’s concentrated there. Anyone of any sex or race is worthy of SJW wrath if they’re a conservative.

Perhaps the worldview of SJWs wouldn’t be dangerous — only pathetic — if they were tolerant of those who disagreed. But today’s radical Leftists have turned social justice into a totalitarian ideology that all must follow lest they be bullied into submission. SJWs censor free speech, get people fired who dare to disagree with them, engage in violence, and even use social media to call for their enemies to be killed. If there was a kill switch on Twitter that could actually murder people, they’d hit the button. In fact, the scariest aspect of SJWs is their self-delusion: They honestly believe they’re tolerant and open-minded.

As Urban Dictionary puts it: “Social Justice Warriors or SJWs are: People with paper thin skin who always find something to be offended about. They generally have no concept of humour.” Words they commonly use include: intolerant, offensive, triggering, sexist and racist. (1)

If you’re out of college and working, you’re most likely to encounter SJWs on the Internet. They spend a lot of time online, since it’s easier to post comments and memes on social media than it is to do something good for the world in real life. SJWs also flock to sympathetic message boards and online groups because they’re easily “triggered” — meaning they freak out over everyday occurrences that they view as traumatic. When SJWs are triggered, they retreat to a “safe space” like those offered on college campuses. There might be blankets, teddy bears and coloring books, or signs saying “women only” (2) or “no whites allowed.” (3) Because although SJWs preach diversity, they only want to congregate only with others who think exactly like they do. Their lives are echo chambers, where the only voices they hear are those of their friends and news media who agree with them. If a distant relative has ever deleted you on Facebook for making a positive post about Donald Trump, chances are they’re an SJW. They literally have “no tolerance” for differing opinions.

SJWs are typically millennials, but Gen X Bernie Sanders and middle-aged feminist Hillary Clinton supporters now veer into SJW territory. Most have this free time to spend online because they’re either in college or underemployed. It’s rare to encounter a family with two working parents and a couple kids that adheres to the SJW mantra — they’re too busy with other pressing issues to care about how many “gender options” Facebook allows its users to choose from (currently it’s somewhere around 70).

And of course, working families understand that it’s their money that will be taken to implement the thousands of social justice programs demanded by SJWs. The one exception is the very rich — especially Hollywood celebrities — who must endorse liberal policies to stay working. And those celebrities that are serious about liberal policies have enough money to not care how SJW policies like bringing in Muslim refugees will affect their bottom line or safety. They’re not going to live next door to them. (4)

2015: The Year of the SJW

The year 2015 was dubbed the “year of the social justice warrior.” (5) But what created the SJW? Why now?

Like so much on the Left, it starts with Karl Marx. (Ironically, Marx was chronically unemployed, lived off others’ money most of his life and kept his children living in such fifth and poverty that four of his seven children died. (6)) Marx’s plan was for a classless society, an ideal world that would exist after the workers seized control of the means of production from the capitalists. But everywhere they tried to implement it, the Marxists’ platform was met with resistance.

So an Italian communist, Antonio Gramsci, tried to figure out why the communist revolution was never successful in Europe. He determined that the failure was because most people’s dominant ideology was still capitalism (“rule by the bourgeoisie” in Marxist terms). If Marxism was ever to succeed, he said, first they’d have to change the culture. After that, placing a vote in the ballot box for Marxist policies would come naturally to the brainwashed masses.

Thus the Left started its “long march through the institutions” — what Marxist Herbert Marcuse said was the only effective way to take power. The plan involved taking over every institution they could — colleges, government agencies, media outlets, advertising, and later Hollywood. Any institution that influences public opinion was a target for Marxist takeover.

During and after World War II, numerous Marxists fled to the U.S. (they weren’t welcome in Nazi Germany). They took up residence at American universities, most notably at New York’s Columbia University. The Left’s takeover of the universities, media and other cultural institutions (like art museums) was not by chance. The cultural destruction of the West so communism could take power was a deliberate, multi-generational plan. Sadly, many of those involved were merely indoctrinated pawns.

Today’s SJWs stem from those Marxists, though most deny the association, claiming instead to be on the side of “truth,” “reason,” or “progress.” Like the Communists before them, SJWs are totalitarian; they even like the idea of reeducation camps. Also like the Communists, they are mostly secular. When SJWs are religious, they tend to be secular adherents of a religion. For example, they only like the teachings of Jesus or the Buddha that fit into the progressive agenda and they discount all other aspects of the religious tradition as outdated or somehow less pure. Most SJWs are atheists or agnostic. But like religious fanatics, their blind adherence to Left-wing ideology puts them clearly in the category of being a secular cult.

One of the main traits of SJWs is that they tend to engage in issues not to cause any real change, but simply to raise their personal reputation. This is “virtue signaling” — signaling to their friends and community that they’re a virtuous person without having to actually do anything. This is why so much SJW activism takes place online — it doesn’t even require getting out of bed, but their friends on Facebook and Twitter can congratulate them for “speaking out” or “being brave.”

Real-life activism by SJWs is often just virtue signaling as well. They hold protests to try to make other people do something. Why don’t they use their own money to build a homeless shelter, hold diversity classes or house refugees? Because all those things require more effort than holding a sign or burning a flag. It’s pure hypocrisy, motivated by improving their image. If SJWs wanted more events that talked about racism in America, they could form a club, raise money and bring speakers to campus themselves. But they want universities to bear the burden of both organizing and paying for it.

Another trait of SJWs is their verbal abuse and bullying. And while they’re abusing others and calling them names, SJWs play the victim — leading to the nickname “crybullies.” They are adept at using crocodile tears to feign victimhood so people give into them. The goal, after the temper tantrums pave the way, is a totalitarian state in which their rules are enforced by jail time or huge fines. Already in New York City, employees, landlords and businesses who refuse to use someone’s preferred pronoun can be fined for violating their human rights. This could be accidentally calling a transgender woman “him” when the person prefers “her,” or refusing to use a plethora of new pronouns like “ze” and “hir.” (7) This is how SJWs fight oppression: by becoming the oppressors themselves.

SJWs are also the most selfish element in today’s society. Like so many other traits, they’re oblivious to this as well. SJWs claim to be unselfish because they agitate for groups they consider to be oppressed — the LGBT community, minorities, women — but they have no consideration for groups like men, whites, Christians and heterosexuals. Ironically, most SJWs are young, white people. SJWs will say it’s racist to mimic an Asian accent, then turn around and make fun of rural conservatives in a redneck voice — obviously not caring at all about stereotyping or hurting the feelings of those on the Right. In fact, SJWs will go out of their way to insult, oppress and make fun of anyone not on board with the Leftist agenda.

SJWs do this because all they really care about is their own feelings and whether people are accommodating them. They’ll even be offended on behalf of other groups, like white liberals who try to get the name of the Washington Redskins changed even though nine out of 10 Native Americans polled aren’t offended by it. (8)

The classic example is liberal politicians who pander to minority voters. Many minority voters — like the gays and lesbians who jumped on the Trump train after the 2016 Orlando massacre — are starting to see through the rhetoric of the Left.

Notice how SJWs care about the feelings of transgender people and which bathroom they can use, but completely discount the feelings of parents concerned about pedophiles and peeping Toms taking advantage of such policies. SJWs care about the feelings of illegal immigrants and Muslim refugees. They don’t care one iota about the feelings of legal Americans who are struggling to pay for their own children because so much of their money gets stolen through taxes to pay for other people’s kids.

This lack of caring for others — except for themselves and the supposedly oppressed — ties into SJW’s greed. They have a long list of demands, all which must be “free” — free college tuition, student loan forgiveness, free healthcare, free universal basic income and free reeducation classes for professors who aren’t “progressive” enough.

SJWs don’t bother with the facts. For example, confiscating 100 percent of the earnings of Americans who make $10 million a year or more would fund current federal spending for 24 days. Taxing those who make $1 million a year or more at 100 percent would fund current federal spending for just 72 days. In fact, the more than $700 billion taken every year wouldn’t even cover Medicare and Medicaid, which cost $1 trillion a year. And those numbers are before the additional costs of “free healthcare” and “free college” for everyone. (9)

Yet SJWs insist the upper middle classes and the rich aren’t paying their “fair share” of taxes. According to the Pew Research Center, Americans who make $250,000 a year pay 51.6 percent of total income taxes collected by the U.S. government. Individuals who make $50,000 a year or more pay 94.3 percent of income taxes. In contrast, those who make under $30,000 a year pay just 1.5 percent of income taxes. (10) So who’s not paying their fair share again?

SJWs also love to complain. They feel justified in whining because in their minds, their problems are always someone else’s fault. They have no concept of working hard and making sacrifices to get ahead in life. They believe what Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren said in 2011: “There is nobody in this country who got rich on his own.” (11)

The Occupy Wall Street movement that started in the fall of 2011 is another example of SJW whining. They had some fair complaints about the banking system. But their rallying cry, “We are the 99%,” tried to paint rich people out as the bad guys. I doubt if any of them realized that it only takes an income of $32,400 to make it into the global top 1%. (12) Despite being the most privileged people on earth — Americans—SJWs somehow twist this into having a special status as perpetual victims.

On a given night in America there are more than half a million people who are homeless. (13) There are children struggling in school due to absent parents, depressed veterans with no one to talk to, and people just out of jail or rehab who are confused about how to navigate successfully in the world. Do SJWs spend their free time at the homeless shelter or jail or countless other charities? No. They prefer protests, hunger strikes and trying to get people fined for not using the correct pronouns.

A famous example of an SJW is seen in a video of young woman in Paris who goes up to a police officer and starts hitting him on the head with a balloon. As he brushes it away, the balloon pops. The girl doubles down and starts shrieking as if the policeman struck her. Lucky for him, the whole charade was filmed. (14) It’s a classic example of abusing someone else while pretending to be the victim.

That’s not the only example of SJWs manufacturing offenses. At Vanderbilt University, there’s the case of the bag of poop found on the front steps of the Black Cultural Center. Members of the group “Hidden Dores,” described on its Facebook page as “Minorities Rendered Invisible at Vanderbilt,” immediately called it a “hate crime.” They issued a statement about the exclusion and isolation of blacks on campus, the desecration of their home and how they were “in grief.” Vandy police investigated and it soon came out that the bag of poop was put there by a blind girl who couldn’t find a trash can after cleaning up after her service dog. What’s more, the guide dog school even instructs blind students to place the bagged poop by a door if they can’t find a trash can — the idea being that a responsible citizen or groundskeeper will find it and toss it out. The group issued an apology, diffusing blame by claiming they’d been “absolutely misinformed” about the situation. (15)

College-age SJWs have gotten so bad that comedians are refusing to perform at universities. Jerry Seinfeld — one of the cleanest and most PC comedians — said political correctness has gone too far. Along with Chris Rock and Larry the Cable Guy, he no longer plays colleges because the kids are too sensitive and will scream “racist” or “sexist” at every joke. (16)

SJW Logic: It Doesn’t Exist

SJWs pay no attention to facts or logic. Millennials tend to get their news from two main sources: Facebook and comedy shows. On Facebook, they share memes, photos and quotes with specious sources. A study showed that 68 percent of 14- to 30-year-olds choose social media like Facebook and Twitter as their first news sources. (17) Comedy shows seem like a strange place to get the news — especially for a crowd that yells “bias” at anyone who tries to back up an argument using an article from Fox News. But satire news programs like Comedy Central’s The Daily Show with Trevor Noah and HBO’s Last Week Tonight with John Oliver rank high in the list of millennials’ news sources. Gone are the days of Johnny Carson and David Letterman, who may have done a few political jokes, but didn’t make their entire shows SJW rants to spread propaganda. Now all of the late-night shows, and even Saturday Night Live, have a Leftist agenda. It’s all due to copying the success of Jon Stewart, host of The Daily Show from 1990 to 2015, who turned it into a satirical political news show.

While some young adults still read traditional news sites, SJWs gravitate toward those with a strong Left-wing bias —, The Huffington Post, Slate, Salon, The Daily Beast, Daily Kos, Politico, AlterNet, ThinkProgress and many others.

This lack of facts and logic results in rants like the following, when an SJW was arguing with a black Trump supporter. The SJW said of Trump:
“He’s extremely xenophobic. He’s incredibly corporatist. I mean, like, how can, like, tell me what policy that he has is not fascist. I mean, like, the thing is, like, the wall is fascist. His immigration policy is fascist. Hold on. His war policy, his foreign policy, his war policy, just the act of saying, you know, we need to target family members of the terrorists, we need to target children in some cases. That’s incredibly fascist. That’s something that Hitler would say. That’s ridiculous. Who? Who? Name me one other politician who has advocated for killing a child.” (18)

First of all, it’s very obvious this person doesn’t know the meaning of fascist or how to construct an argument. The name-calling is stereotypical, lazy SJW behavior. Anyone with just a basic knowledge of logic knows that claiming someone is “fascist” is the conclusion on an argument — one that should be made only after a long string of supportive premises. If someone tries to discuss issues with you this way, it’s not worth your time. The young man then says a border wall is fascist, implying that enforcing immigration laws like every other country is somehow fascist. Finally, he completely twists Trump’s comments about the families of terrorists. Had he done some research rather than relying on Facebook and Left-wing comedy shows for his news, he’d know that Trump was talking about investigating family members like the mother of the San Bernardino shooters, who lived with her son and daughter-in-law in a house where bombs and bomb parts were discovered. Or the family and friends that harbored one of the terrorists responsible for the shootings at the Bataclan theater in Paris. (19) Or Noor Mateen, the wife of the Orlando shooter, who helped him pick out guns and scope out the crime scene, who promptly disappeared (though she’s now under investigation by a grand jury). (20) And of course, Trump never advocated killing children.

Microaggressions: SJW Thought Police Seek out Thought-Criminals

One of SJWs’ main goals is to prohibit free speech for any position they find offensive. Whether it’s banning the use of certain words or phrases or banning people they disagree with from speaking, SJWs now act like the Thought Police in George Orwell’s dystopian novel Nineteen Eighty-Four.

The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) reports that more than half of America’s colleges enforce some type of speech code. Universities also issue guides for understanding “microaggressions” — words and actions so tiny that a well-adjusted person wouldn’t even notice them, but that to SJWs are threatening. Asking an Asian or Latino, “Where are you from?” is a microaggression. Saying “There is only one race, the human race” is a microaggression. Telling an Asian, “We want to know what you think. . . . Speak up more” is a microaggression. And yes, even saying “I believe the most qualified person should get the job” is a microaggression. All of these examples are from a University of Missouri diversity handout. (21)

In an ironic turn of events, at the University of Manchester in Britain a debate on feminism sponsored by the school’s Free Speech & Secular Society banned two speakers from an event called, “From liberation to censorship: Does modern feminism have a problem with free speech?” The first, Julie Bindel, is a lesbian feminist who campaigns against violence against women. She was banned for apparently being a “transphobe” and a threat to the school’s “Safe Space policy” because in 2004 she wrote that a man who has a sex change is still a man. Gay conservative Milo Yiannopoulos was also banned from the event. He has called being trans a “psychiatric disorder,” which is exactly what the American Psychiatric Association’s DSM-5 labels gender dysphoria. (22) In fact, it’s only because it’s classified as a disorder that treatments like hormone replacement therapy and gender reassignment surgery covered by Medicaid.

SJWs call banning people they disagree with “no-platforming.” They don’t understand that there’s no “right to not be offended.” Or that it’s only offensive speech that really needs protection under the First Amendment. Or that the great social and political reform movements throughout history began with people saying unpopular things.

As you can see, SJWs have already gone from being a nuisance to being a real threat to freedom and liberty. As Michael Walsh said, writing for the National Review: “As for Alinsky, somebody should turn the tables, and instruct the Right how to use his principles against him. It’s the only way to beat his ghost — and his hate-filled love children.” (23) This book aims to do just that.

Editor’s note: The following in an excerpt from the introduction to How to Trump SJWs: Using Alinsky’s ‘Rules for Radicals’ Against Liberals. The Kindle version is currently available for $2.99 on Amazon. Click here to purchase.


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